BGH presents great pieces made in natural stone that highlight the beauty and particularity of each stone used by its creators. With original design and trends of their authors, the pieces were presented at the Brazilian Granite Hub portal partner event, the Xiamen Stone Fair. The Stone Infinite exhibition is dedicated exclusively to natural stone design and brings the latest trends in design applied to natural stone.

By Xiamen Fulin Stone Industry Co Ltda, Joyce Wang, China               City Creek Fountain, by Coldspring USA

Blocks and slabs are the most commercialized formats for natural stone producers in Brazil, as well as in other markets. In addition to the known applications of ornamental stones such as facades, floors, sinks for bath and kitchen, etc, there is another application for natural stones. This application is the design of pieces of decoration and architecture that adds value highlighting the beauty of natural stones in a differentiated way, as the pieces presented on this occasion by BGH.

The Brazilian Granite Hub portal will continue to encourage the use and diverse applications of natural stones that can add value to the product, as well as diversify the business opportunities in the market. We invite everyone to share with the BGH community their experience of differentiated application of stones. Thus we can inform our entire community about the trends and possibilities of using natural stones.

Veromarmo, Using marble powder for fashionable womenswear By Jinsheng Stone, China
Raincoats, by Francesca Pievani & Alice Zantedeschi, Fili Pari, Italy

Source: Stone Infinite