We present the highlights of Brazilian exports of ornamental stones in 2018. In addition to exports of granite and marble blocks, granite and marble slabs, as well as other types of stones such as slate, Brazilian exports reached, in the year of 2018, the figure of US $ 992,548,146.

Although the numbers achieved in 2018 are smaller than the Brazilian market was able to export in 2017, registering a decrease of -10.38%, Brazil continues in the 4th position in the world ranking of countries producing natural stones. The decrease was mainly due to the lower number of granite and marble slabs exported in 2018. On the other hand, there was a significant increase in exports specifically of marble blocks.

In relation to the main destinations of Brazilian ornamental stones, the scenario remains the same. The main purchasing countries are: United States, China and Italy. The dependence of the Brazilian market on imports from the United States, which imports mainly granite slabs, is also maintained.

The Brazilian market is confident of resuming production growth and increasing exports, a fact that could already be observed in the last quarter of 2018, when there was an increase in natural stone sales when compared to the rest of the other quarters of that year.

Source: Sindirochas