BGH – Brazilian Granite Hub Portal presents the results of Brazilian exports in the first half of 2019.

Brazilian exports of ornamental stones such as granite, marble and slate, among others, in the first half of 2019, amounted to US $ 490,551,319. The registered value shows a certain stability of the market that obtained similar figures in the previous half, except for some increase in the exports of blocks and marble slabs.

When comparing the results of the first half of 2019 with those obtained in the same period of 2018, whose figure was US $ 457,148,853, there is a small increase in total exports. The positive variation is related to the increase in exports of items such as slabs and blocks of marble. It should be noted that the increase in exports of these items has been observed during the last periods.

ANTT brings together freight transport carriers  to learn about pilot project

Representatives of Espírito Santo State were gathered at a meeting promoted by the Superintendent of Passenger Transport Services – SUPAS ANTT, to discuss the road transport technology – Electronic Transport Document (DT-e). Espírito Santo was the chosen state to test the initiative and the stone sector is one of the volunteers at this stage of the project.

The first vehicles have already received the TAG and several reading points have already been installed. The new technology will be tested in the coming months and will allow the unification of about 20 documents that are required for cargo transportation operations in the country. According to ANTT, there will be an integration of the different databases of the governmental systems of transport control, vehicles and drivers. Using this electronic tracking tool will reduce travel time, increase safety and facilitate cargo logistics throughout the country.

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Source: Sindirochas