The BGH-Brazilian Granite Hub natural stone portal presents the results of Brazilian exports for the year 2019.

Brazilian exports of ornamental stones including granite, marble and slate, among others, in the accumulated for 2019 reached the amount of US $ 1,012,067,398.

In 2018, the figure for Brazilian exports of ornamental stones was US $ 991,619,708. The positive variation fostered an increase of 2.06% of total Brazilian exports. The slight variation was facilitated by the increase in exports of items such as marble slabs and marble blocks, as well as granite slabs and blocks. In relation to the tons exported, in the accumulated in 2019, 2,153,455 (T) were exports. In the previous year, exports registered the figure of 2,194,201 (T).

In geographic terms, the State of Espirito Santo remains the most representative in the figures for the Brazilian ornamental stone market. In 2019, Espirito Santo concentrated 81.78% of the total exported by the country.

Source: Sindirochas