The Brazilian Granite Hub Portal, committed to innovating and adding value to the natural stone market, is pleased to report on its new international project that will be launched in the coming months. This project aims, among other objectives, to bring its community closer.

BGH offers the easiest way to find Brazilian ornamental stones, as well as everything needed in relation to machinery, products and services for the natural stone market. As a way to inform and bring together our community formed by entrepreneurs from different countries, BGH will launch the Annual Guide of the Brazilian Granite Hub Portal.

The Guide will contain various contents related to the national and international natural stone market, as well as information on the Portal and our BGH members that offer the most varied types of ornamental stones, machinery, tools, products and services for the world natural stone market.

The free distribution of the BGH Guide will enable our community and those involved in the international natural stone market to update themselves with contents of common interest among market players. The release of the BGH guide will be made during the BGH’s partner event –  Stone Industry in Moscow, Russia, and its circulation world wide is scheduled to start right after it.