With the commitment to inform the news of the national and international market of natural stone, the Brazilian portal Brazilian Granite Hub highlights in this edition, a new project that seeks to improve the qualification of Brazilian companies in the sector.

Two organizations in the state of Espírito Santo, the largest producer state of Brazilian ornamental stones, Sindirochas and Centrorochas, joined in a series of lectures directed at entrepreneurs in the market of ornamental stones in the State. This is to offer important content for companies in the area of value strategies for the ornamental stone market.

The first stage occurred in cities of the regions that concentrate the highest productivity of ornamental stones in the state of Espírito Santo, Cachoeiro de Itapemirim (01/16) and Barra de São Francisco (01/17). There was also a meeting that closed this cycle in the capital, Vitória, on January 18.

The directors of the organizations that held the event stressed the importance of joining forces to offer help to companies in the sector on technical issues that represent difficulties for the business community in the management of companies. Brazilian Granite Hub believes in this proposal and is committed to promoting the internationalization of the companies that are part of the BGH portal, as a way of adding value to the sector.

New Business Intelligence System

Centrorochas will launch a new tool for its member companies. It is a business intelligence system that will provide statistical information about the ornamental stone market. The tool, which will be launched in February, will provide data related to the production of domestic companies, as well as Brazilian exports of the sector.

Source and photos: Sindirochas