One of the Brazilian Granite Hub partner events, Stone Industry – the leading in Russia and Eastern Europe international exhibition for quarrying, processing and application of natural stone – will take place on June 25-28, 2019 at VDNKH, Hall 75 in Moscow.
This year Stone Industry exhibition celebrates its 20-th anniversary. The event, every year gathers leading local and international companies that extract and process natural stone, manufacture stone products, produce and sell machinery and tools as well as their customers – architectural and design offices, construction companies etc.

Stone Industry gathers over 250 companies from 18 countries – Armenia, Belarus, Brazil, China, Czechia, Germany, India, Iran, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Russia, San-Marino, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine, Uzbekistan will take part in Stone Industry-2019 at the area exceeding 7 000 m2.

The exposition will include different kinds of marble: wonderful white marble from Koelga quarry (Ural), elegant beige pinkish and bluish marble from Dagestan (Caucasus), picturesque dark green, gray and brown marble from India, highest quality beige marble from Italy which seems to send forth light and so creates very “warm” interiors, famous SHANXI BLACK marble and gray with white streaks JADE WHITE marble from China, gold and pink marble from Iran with district patterns and contrast color combinations which will confer an outstanding charm to any design interior and also for the first time:


• unique white marble from Mongolia,
• magnificent marble from France: GRAND ANTIK which featuresthe contrast combination of black and white tints and ETRUSCAN RED that got its name for its resemblance to Etruscan vases.
• splendid deep red and green marble with white streaks ROSSO LEVVANTA and VERDE LEVVANTA from Turkey.
• original red-black-and-white NARVA marble from Krasnoyarsk Region (Siberia, Russia)
• stylish white marble from Namibiaetc.
STONE INDUSTRY will include a comprehensive business program targeted on the industry professionals: seminars, presentations, round tables on application of natural stone in architectural and design projects, latest innovations in machinery, tools and technologies of stone processing etc, in particular:

• Conference “Natural and engineered stone in interior decoration and façade facing: researches, technologies, applications”,

• Creative uses of natural stone- some examples
• Stone, photon & design
• Natural stone – from quarrying to application in interiors
• Natural stone vs engineered stone. particular features of application in interior design
• Stone industry: trends -2019
• Natural stone in interior design of residences: various styles

The Organizers and BGH Portal are happy to invite:
professionals in stone, tools, accessories, chemical products, machinery and services for the stone industries, professionals and decision makers in construction and contract companies, architects, interior, exterior and landscape designers, restorers, specialists of funeral services, and other professionals to visit the Exhibition.

More information is available at

Contacts: Tel. +7 495 783-06-23, +7 499 181-41-26