The release of the BGH 2019-2020 Guide was carried out successfully in Moscow, Russia. The publication was distributed to all exhibitors of the event and attending public of various countries, among whom buyers of ornamental stones, distributors of materials, entrepreneurs interested in machinery, products and services for the natural stones market, architects, etc.

People from all over the world joined the growing BGH-Brazilian Granite Hub community. Some of the objectives of the BGH Guide are to share content and information of interest to the entire natural stone market, as well as to internationally publicize the companies that belong to the BGH-Brazilian Granite Hub Portal, providing hundreds of Brazilian ornamental stones, and services from various countries to the market.

From now on the BGH community can take advantage of the easiest way to find the Brazilian stones and products and services of suppliers from different countries by visiting the BGH-Brazilian Granite hub Portal or through the publication BGH.

The BGH Guide will continue to be distributed in the main events of the natural stone market in Brazil and worldwide. Thus, we will continue to grow the BGH community, connecting and promoting business in the global ornamental stone market.

Download the BGH Guide directly in the BGH Portal and keep informed through our Newsletter.